Commit for the long term


Change doesn’t happen without effort, and nor does it happen overnight. 

You’re likely to be in a hurry, and we’ll make sure any programme we prescribe for you will have maxium impact, as quickly as possible. But the key to real change is to make it work over time. 

Our creative platforms provide background for long term campaigns – they are designed to be flexible, changeable and scaleable.

But it really comes down to ambition. If you want employees to take you seriously, you’re going to have to make a commitment. A big bang will be just that, if there’s nothing to back it up. 

We’ll provide ideas for campaigns that mutate over time, to reach every part of your business in a multitude of ways. It’s then going to be back over to you.

Are you certifiable?
ISO 27001 7.2.2: The activities in the awareness programme should be scheduled over time, preferably regularly, so the activities are repeated and cover new employees and contractors. It should also be updated regularly, so it stays in line with organisational policies and should be built on lessons learnt from information security incident.