Information Security at the Bank of England


With an increased mandate to regulate our financial institutions, set interest rates, and manager inflation, the Bank of England deals in information like never before.
They asked us to produce a documentary to tell the story of information at the Bank of England, to raise awareness of the abundant risks at a time when breaches had become increasingly prevalent.

Cracks in their foundations

We resisted their demands for a ‘straight’ documentary, and instead proposed a campaign that centred around their physical walls, three metres thick in places, and the false sense of security this generated.

We teased our campaign with cracks, created as transparent stickers, directly imposed onto their walls.

After a week or two of speculation and suspicion, we then posed the question: ‘How safe is the Bank of England?’ via a digital invitation to an immersive film event to be repeated over a single working afternoon.

In the film, we told the story of the shift in the assets, threats and consequences at the Bank of via a 3D mapping projection onto an internal courtyard originally designed to protect gold.

Bringing the walls down

Three quarters of their population saw the film, either live or on webcam, resulting in enormous traffic to their new IS hub the following day.

This was all supported by a screensavers, ambient material and The Governor himself, promoting the fact that in the digital age, Bank of England employees really are ‘the first line of defence’. A full 18-month information security campaign followed.


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