Information Security at FCA


As the regulator of the UK’s financial institutions on Cyber Security, the team at the FCA recognised the need for their employees to lead the way on awareness, understanding and attitude to information security. 

They asked blue goose to develop a new position and campaign to bring the topic to life for all of their 4,000 employees, in conjunction with an imminent move to new premises in Stratford.

Taking an oath

For our creative platform – the intellectual and visual glue to hold the campaign together – we arrived at ‘Do No Harm’, taken from both the Hippocratic Oath, and the FCA’s mission, which demanded they avoid harm for customers and clients alike. 

We teased our campaign with a series of questions – ‘Where’s the harm… in a printer / whiteboard / phone call’, placed in a series of tactical locations to highlight the ways in which confidential information is most commonly disclosed.

That tease was followed up with an introductory film featuring the COO, to make the case for all employees to take the subject, and campaign seriously.

The subject was then broken down into seven easy to remember ‘behavioural expectations’ focussing on the key considerations that would help keep the organisation safe. Each was supported by its own individual sub-campaign, mixing different messages and media to keep the campaign alive long term.

Leading by example

At the time of writing, our second behavioural expectation – Be Clear – is going live, featuring voice recordings, directional sound messages and coffee coasters, to both support the ambition to keep the new office space free from clutter, but to covertly press home the need to look after confidential information in their building. The campaign is delivering on all its objectives.


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