Richemont Be Aware, Be Secure



After reviewing and providing recommendations for Richemont’s information security strategic communications, we were asked to create an identity for their whole security offering and landed on - Be Aware, Be Secure.

The next challenge was to engage the global workforce, making them aware of key messages and ensure the right behaviours are carried out every day. Part of this challenge was how to involve their many stores and boutiques, that had far fewer channels to work with. 

Against the Clock

Everyone can unite around a strong narrative, if the setting and scenarios sound familiar... and if it’s full of suspense and tension! 

We commissioned British crime author, Paddy Magrane, to write a short story, Against the Clock based around the five topics that represented the five biggest security risks for Richemont. This was available in print, online and via audiobook, and translated into ten other languages. 

The story was supported by fun print materials that promoted each chapter – for example, a mobile phone shaped flyer, reverse pickpocketed into bags and coats for their ‘lost devices’ topic, connecting the fast-paced plot with everyday occurrences. And an interactive intranet hub ran tease animations to both intrigue pre-launch, and sustain interest during the five-week campaign. 


Employees loved the story – 6,500 read the first episode. And the story has had over 20,000 page views and audio plays, as well as hundreds of likes and positive comments. A few employees even shared their displays of the print materials, with some getting really creative. All in all, a hugely successful campaign; and a possible sequel currently being discussed. 


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