Information Security at Burberry


Burberry had identified an urgent need to get through to their young, predominantly female tech-savvy population about the continued threat of information security.

As a world-renowned brand leading their industry on the use of digital platforms, the operational and reputational risk was heightened and of increasing worry to senior leaders.

Security in context

We landed on ‘Information Security in Fashion’ as the line to both highlight the prescient nature of the risk, and signal our intention to look at the topic from an industry perspective.

We delivered a video campaign, featuring a series of authentic and original short films illustrating the information security risks as they appear at Burberry, be that in corporate office environments, on the shop floor, or backstage in warehouses and fulfilment centres.

The videos were supported with series of fashion style ‘blogs’, putting information security into a language and context their people could really understand and engage with.

Joined up and together

The campaign was rolled out to the whole business, providing a single position for everyone, but illustrating the multi-faceted but interconnected nature of the problem.


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