Information Security at Maersk


As an international freight company specialising in sea-bound transfer of cargo, Maersk might initially appear an unlikely candidate to commission a high-end positioning piece on information security. 

But with seafaring increasingly depending on remote digital technology, the threat of interception is very real and the need to communicate this to employees absolutely vital.

Getting their ships in a row

We presented Maersk with three options for a creative platform built out of their slightly restrictive customer brand.

They opted for a clever and playful route that matched clever wordplay, with topical stories centred on threats that are relevant to Maersk.

We developed incentivised e-learning based on the material sent out in advance, and with an ongoing data dashboard so employees could see who was doing well across the business.

Learning the easy way

Despite sign-up being optional, take up was high, and a regular drumbeat was created around those who had come top of the pile and won a prize. The creative platform is still in use, with new campaigns being developed around it.


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