Information Security at Shop Direct


As the UK’s second largest pureplay online retailer and one of the country’s largest unsecured credit providers, Shop Direct manage a serious volume of customer personal data.

Recognising the level of risk this exposes the company to, Shop Direct asked us to find a way to make these risks real for their employees.

Thinking of the consequences.

Employees at Shop Direct have a clear understanding of the archetypal customer of their brands – which include and Littlewoods. ‘Miss Very’ is prominent in any strategic and tactical decisions that employees make; they are encouraged think about her needs and her behaviours in everything they do.

Our idea was to apply this driver to help raise awareness of information security. In our campaign: Be Very Confidential, we bring home the consequences of a weak information security culture with a tongue-in-cheek film showing the plight of Miss Very in the event of a data breach.

The dramatic but humourous film will launch the campaign. It’s rounded off with a memorable performance from a fictional hacker, who speaks menacingly, direct to employees through the camera. He claims responsibility for Miss Very’s downfall – but accuses employees of the slack behaviour that enabled him to steal her data in the first place.

Over a number of weeks, the launch film will be followed by a series of video-led eLearning modules. Each module is based on its own short scenario film depicting fictional colleagues making information security-related mistakes that Shop Direct employees can identify with. Employees are then asked a number of multiple choice questions based on the scenario they watch – before a closing monologue from the same hacker from the launch film, in which he reinforces the key takeaways in his dastardly, charismatic style.

"A Triumph"

Be Very Confidential is due to go live later this year. Project stakeholders and preview audiences alike have been enraptured the launch and eLearning films, so we’re confident that 5-star reviews – and a more robust information security culture at Shop Direct – are just around the corner.


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